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aka NextGen Connect

Mirth Connect Training (aka NextGen Connect)

Two days Training

Mirth Connect (aka NextGen Connect) is a powerful Open Source Communication Server, which is also very effective in routing medical (HL7, DICOM) messages and enabling effective communication between a great many different systems. During this two-day hands-on training, the basic principles of working with Mirth Connect are explained by introducing you to the theory involved and allowing you to participate in a great many practical exercises. The training gives you a good idea of what is possible within the healthcare sector with the help of Mirth Connect. After completing the training, you will know a great deal more about the architecture and operation of Mirth Connect as well as the many benefits afforded by the Commercial Open Source approach.

Complete overview

The two-day training gives you a complete overview of Mirth Connect, whereby the most frequently used components are dealt with in various labs. You learn all about the most important basic Mirth components, including source and destination connectors, transformers and filters. The management, testing and debugging options are also dealt with.


In addition to theory, the focus of the training is on practical application, so you acquire direct hands-on experience using Mirth Connect. In the course of the training, you will quickly be making your own connectors and using various protocols, including LLP, e-mail and database connections. As a result, you obtain a good overview of the possibilities offered by Mirth Connect.

After completing the training, you will be able to install Mirth Connect and to design, build and roll out connectors. You will be familiar with the areas of application of Mirth Connect and will be able to advise others regarding the possibilities. After completing the Mirth Connect Fundamentals training, you can follow the Mirth Connect Advanced training.

Goal of the training

  • acquiring knowledge of the architecture and operation of Mirth Connect;
  • learning to install, use and manage Mirth Connect;
  • learning about the operation and possibilities of the various protocols;
  • acquiring solid practical experience with building, testing and debugging Mirth Connect connectors.

Target group

IT employees, institutions, medical support and service engineers, medical software developers and testers.

Practical information

  • Customized training available upon request: maximum group size = 10 persons;
  • Location and dates: See Trainings
  • Inhouse training is possible, also international. Give us a call for more information on pricing and availablity.

Mirth Connect Training: +31 (0)6 54644534 or training@mirth-support.com

Good training

We found the training very well organized and learned a lot. The pace fitted well with our desire to do a lot.

Director Clinical Fysics

Very instructive

Thanks for the training. It were 2 very instructive days.

IT Senior Systems Administrator

Perfect training

Thanks for the training. We learned a lot and are looking forward to put it into practise.

HL7 Administrator

Very enthusiastic

Thanks again. Excellent training and everybody is very enthusiastic.

Connectivity Service Manager