X Connections Monitor 2

The XC Monitor is very easy to install. It will enable you to monitor all your deployed Mirth Connect channels without the requirement to login as a Mirth Connect Administrator as with the standard dashboard.

The Monitor will refresh itself automatically in intervals specified by you.

If you are interested to obtain this XC Monitor, just send us an email.

X Connections Monitor 3

A complete new revamped version of the XC Monitor will be available soon. The XC Monitor now supports destinations and white - and black listing of channels.

No Mirth Connect Support subscription required, which cuts cost significant. No administrator user needed to login. Just create your own users or don't use the login function at all.

The XC Monitor supports Mirth Connect version 3.7.0 and later. Older releases might work as well but are just not tested (yet).


Live demonstration of the XC Monitor 2.

XC Monitor 3

New version of XC Monitor 3 to be released soon.